The Chuletero is the Spanish name for the bone-in loin. There for, the chuletero can give the chef a cut of meat that is both rich and tender, with consistent properties over a larger yield. The chuletero is a noble cut in Spain; very juicy and tasteful.

Two rib chops come in a specially designed air tight "skin" package. Each package averages 8 oz each and contains 2 chops.

Remember where the Ibérico de Bellota pigs get their flavor, the fat. Found inside the muscle and on the outside, the fat gets its nutty sweetness from the famous bellota (acorns), only found in Spain. You will agree that this the finest pork in the world. We recommend cooking to medium rare, and do not trim more than what has already been done. The extra fat will infuse the meat with flavor unlike anything you've ever tasted.  

This is a limited edition run.