Dressing made from extra virgin olive oil and raspberry vinegar.


  • 60% Extra virgin olive oil – 40% Raspberry vinegar.
  • 100% Natural product. It can present a light cloudiness due to the combination of the products which separate from each other by natural decanting.

The extra virgin olive oil which best matches the end product’s organoleptic properties, is selected from the cellar. Under strict control of the process parameters, both products, raspberry and vinegar, are mixed and filled while the process of packaging manufacturing.

Tasting Notes
Forest fruits fresh aroma, with a citric and intense green fruity note. Pleasant bittersweet sensation on the palate, combining fruity flavors with vinegar acidity.

Consumption Suggestions
Ideal for salads with lettuce, meat, fruit or cheese. You can also have it in cold soups such as gazpacho. Try a different dressing. Shake well before using.

14 ml single-dose container. Silver and pink design in plastic material protecting the content. Easy opening and no-drip system.