From the Alcala Oliva family located in Jaen, Andalucia, in Spain comes this wonderful unique individual serving of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  This olive shaped pod, a trademark of the Alcala Oliva company is a innovative way to dispense the perfect amount of Olive Oil, infused EVOO and their vinaigrettes.  

Perfect for salads, sandwiches, dips and any other opportunity you can think of.  

Pairing ideas: Ideal for adding a spicy touch on pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and bruschettas. You can try it in Mexican food or some typical Chinese soups.

Ingredients: 98% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and 2% Natural chili essence.

Tasting notes: Medium spicy and slightly bitter flavour on a mature fruity olive oil base.

Mini Oliva EVOO infused with Chili Pepper is available in 12 count tubs.  

Alcalá Oliva produces this extra virgin olive oil from selected olives grown on our own land. Moreover, we also use olives coming from a network of more than 1000 farmers who place in us the fruit of their efforts.

Harvesting time, temperature and timing are three main variables to get quality oils, and they are controlled by our production guidelines, including an exhaustive monitoring of production in the groves.

Production data (for all EVOO):
Area of production: Jaén (Andalucía, Spain). Altitude: 400m – 900m.
Olive variety: Picual with a small percentage of Marteña and Picuda.
Harvesting: Mechanical with olive harvesting umbrella.
Harvesting time: 15th December – 15th January
Process: Mechanical extraction and a 2-phase continuous system.
Temperature of the process: 25ºC
Acidity: Less than 0.3
Colour: Green with touches of gold.
Storage: Stainless steel deposit.