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This cut comes from the shoulder section of the loin with more fat; therefore more tasteful even than the loin. It is thought that the shape and size is similar to a feather or pluma in Spanish.  This meat stands out for his tenderness, juiciness and flavor. Very small in size, with only 2 available from each Ibérico pig. Sold by the package that has 2 pieces, which average 1/2 LB each.

This is not the acorn (Bellota) finished Ibérico.  Traditional iberico pigs are the basis that all bellota pork is created from.  Raised in the same manner as the bellota pigs, the pigs eat natural foods, and just like the bellota, these pigs are hormone and antibiotic free.  All Fermin Ibérico pigs are raised in the same protected lands as the bellota pigs.