The Lomo is composed of the entire loin, without bones. There for, the lomo is both rich and tender, and the leanest cut from the loin with consistent properties over a larger yield.

The Ibérico Lomo is sold by the whole loin.  The whole loin weighs approximately 3.5-4 LBS.  This piece has a very thin layer of fat on the outside, so please make sure that you do not cook this more than medium rare.  

This is not the acorn (Bellota) finished Ibérico.  Traditional all natural Ibérico pigs are raised in the same manner as the bellota pigs.  The pigs eat natural foods, and just like the bellota, they are hormone and antibiotic free.  All Fermin Ibérico pigs are raised in the same protected lands as the bellota pigs.