The beef version is known as hanger steak. Very flavorful and well marbled, the Diafragma is a very versatile cut that lends itself to many preparation techniques. Typical pieces will weight 3-4 oz each.  This is a brand new cut that has never been seen in the USA and will most likely prove to be a great option for menus.  

You will receive 2 packages of Diafragma. Each package has (on average) 4 pieces. The package weighs on average 12oz. Sold frozen.

This is not the acorn (Bellota) finished Ibérico.  Traditional iberico pigs are the basis that all bellota pork is created from.  Raised in the same manner as the bellota pigs, the pigs eat natural foods, and just like the bellota, these pigs are hormone and antibiotic free.  All Fermin Ibérico pigs are raised in the same protected lands as the bellota pigs.