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The lagrima is the name for the meat found in between the ribs.  Very flavorful and well marbled, the lagrima is a versatile cut that lends itself to various preparations and flavor profiles. Tender lean meat marbled with extraordinary flavorful acorn enriched fat.  This is truly a great cut that will be appreciated in various applications, grilled, seared in a pan this will be your new favorite cut. Translated as “tears” in English, this long strip of meat carries equal portions of fat to muscle. Typical pieces will weigh 1 oz each with on average 16 pieces per LB.  

Iberico de bellota pork is:

  • 100% Iberico lineage (Government verified)
  • Free-range, antibiotic free
  • Must have a minimum of 2 acres of land to live
  • Must have at least 1 acorn tree per pig
  • Harvested one time per year.  Season starts in December and runs until the quota is met.  
  • All food and water must be naturally occuring.  Water and food cannot be introduced to the pigs at anytime.  Human interaction is minimal.  The pigs live the same way they've been living for many generations.  
  • The Ibérico pig is a descendant of the wild boar that once inhabited the Mediterranean forests.  Today, it is the last free ranging and grazing pig in Europe and an integral piece of an ecosystem that exists today solely in the dehesa, the government protected holm and cork oak forests of Western Spain.