Fermin, the Spanish producer known for producing the finest Ibérico in the world is proud to introduce the first Ibérico de Bellota bacon in the world!  

We recommend cooking this low and slow, to savor the flavor.  Do not cook this as a traditional bacon.  You cannot fully render the fat before the lean is burned!

Wagshal's exclusive recipe is a multiple award winner including 2 Specialty Food Association Sofi Gold for Best Meat/Pate/Seafood, and a National Restaurant Association FABI for most innovative product. 

Smoked Ibérico de Bellota belly (bacon chunks) comes in 2LB increments.  

The chunks are perfect to incorporate the award winning Ibérico bacon flavor into any dish. Save the liquid after frying for additional applications where a little smoky Ibérico flavor is needed.  

Perfect for homemade chocolate chip cookies, vegetables, burgers or as a topping!