Spherical spicy olives are no ordinary olives. They are green olives that have been pureed, squeezed and then re-formed into olives with the aid of various additives. The spherical olive is one of the most famous dishes from elBulli. When you serve them, your guest will be astonished by the way they explode in the mouth, with delicious juice of Gordal olives. It is a technical process that requires a lot of knowledge, time and patience. This is why Albert Adrià, in collaboration with Caviaroli, has brought the ready-made spherical olives to the market. A jar of Caviaroli Drops by Albert Adrià contains 18 spherical olives according to the original recipe.

They weigh 5g each and have a diameter of 20 mm.

Store at room temperature in a dry place. Refrigerate after opening & use within 1 week. Not suitable for freezing.
Please note, it is normal that one of the olives will suffer breakage while in transit. It will not affect the remaining olives in any way.  We will do our best to ensure your order is packaged correctly.