Olive oil with basil. Fresh, spring-like taste. Fits perfectly with (tomato) salads. With a personality dominated by pressed fresh basil, this greenish oil smells and tastes of Italy. È vero! Gives an Italian flavor to your dish. Ideal with mozzarella, pasta and tomato.

Caviaroli is a taste explosion that absorbs the intensity and aroma found in top-quality olive oils with protected designation of origin. This is achieved through encapsulation technology, creating pearls of olive oil that have the same texture as caviar. Caviaroli melts in the mouth, allowing diners to enjoy a delicate serving of pure olive oil before it blends in with the dish's other ingredients.

Caviaroli Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Basil is sold in 50 Gram jars.  Each gram should have approximately 10 pearls.  

Directions: Best stored between 50F - 77F unopened. Keep away from heat, sunlight, and odor sources. Refrigerate after opening and use within 4 weeks.