Can Bech jams are the result of the rich land in Spain where they are created. Likewise, the quality comes from the experience gained from years in the kitchen of the former Can Bech restaurant.

Can Bech rose petal jelly only contains natural products, which exalt the flavor of this delicious jelly. An ideal product for gift-giving and for offering our loved ones. For enjoying on special occasions to remember.

Combines with fresh or Parmesan cheese, with ice cream or fresh yogurt. It is also delicious with foie gras canapes or with dark chocolate for a cake. Perfect for making a very glamorous rose Cosmopolitan cocktail!   

Ingredients: Sugar, water, raspberries, rose petals, apple pectin, lemon juice, and rose aroma.

Made with 10g of fruit per 100g.  Jar is 285 grams / 10 ounces. 

No artificial preservatives or colors of any kind.  Low in added sugar, and made with NON-GMO ingredients.

Made in a facility that handles nuts.