Can Bech's Mini Just for Cheese sauce is 100% natural and free of preservatives. Each flavor is designed for the perfect pairing with each category of cheese. Can Bech selects the finest nuts, fruits and spices, importing them from five continents, in order to achieve the perfect flavor to accompany fresh and soft cheeses, soft ripened cheeses, washed rind cheeses, hard paste and blue cheeses.  

The sweet sauce made with Peaches, Apricots, Goji Berries and Guatemalan Cardamom is designed to pair with soft ripened cheeses such as:
    • Brie
    • Camembert
    • Brillat-Savarin
    • Chaource
    • Coeur de Neufchatel
    • Gratte-Paille
Ingredients: Peaches (53%), apricots (23%), sugar, goji berries (4%), lemon juice, and Guatemalan cardamom.

    Can be stored at room temperature until opened. Once opened refrigerated for a maximum of 10 days.  

    Can Bech Just for Cheese is sold in 130-140 grams, or approx 4oz.  You may receive 2-60 gram jars or 4-30 gram jars.  

      No artificial preservatives or colors of any kind. Low in added sugar, and made with NON-GMO ingredients.