This piece is “hidden” between the shoulder, ribs and fatback, for this reason we call to this part: “secret”. The cut to get this piece must be very accurate in order to keep the exact amount of fat. This highly grained piece stands out for its wonderful flavor and texture. Secreto could be called a pork skirt steak due to its similar properties to beef skirt steak. Secreto is sold in packs of  approximately 3/4 to 1 LB.

Wagshal's carries two grades of Fermin Ibérico pork: Traditional Ibérico and Ibérico de Bellota

Traditional Ibérico pork is:

  • Free-range
  • Available year round.
  • A good introduction to Ibérico pork due to its better price point and better availability.
  • Starts with the same genetics as the Bellota grade pig. It has a unique ability to store fat - which filters throughout the muscle, liberally marbling the meat in appearance - giving it in comparable tenderness, taste and texture that make Ibérico the best in its class. 
  • This is not the acorn (Bellota) finished Ibérico.  Traditional iberico pigs are the basis that all bellota pork is created from.  Raised in the same manner as the bellota pigs, the pigs eat natural foods, and just like the bellota, these pigs are hormone and antibiotic free.  All Fermin Ibérico pigs are raised in the same protected lands as the bellota pigs.