Chef Trini's Pickled Mango

Inspired from travels to Trinidad, Wagshal's owner, Bill Fuchs stumbled on this dish and was pleasantly surprised at how incredible it is!  

What is Pickled Mango?  

Also known as Mango chow or Mango pickles, this really an incredible tasting product.  One try is all you need!  A great combination of the sweet flavor of Carribbean Mangos with the spice from habenero peppers.  It is not too hot, but a perfect balance of sweet and spice.  A great side dish with your Carribbean meal or by itself.  

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Chef Trini's Pickled Mango is made by Wagshal's in Washington DC, USA.  

Each order contains two (2) 8oz mason jars.

Refridgerate upon receipt.  Use within 4 weeks of opening.   

Chef Trini's Pickled Mango

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